International Business Plan

Marketing Strategy
Weather Bos™ recognizes that future opportunities within the coatings industry depend on providing long lasting environmentally safe, non toxic products, and the affordable, easy access of such products. Presently, the industry operates on an entrenched system, basically set up to protect the financial interests of manufacturers, distributors, applicators and retailers, with the customer or end user receiving little attention other than for his money.

A drastic change is taking place in the international market as to consumers buying habits. These changes have often resulted in the loss of interest in the old line retailers resulting in the success of mass discount merchandisers who purchase direct from new upcoming manufacturers offering the latest in technology products such as Weather Bos™. In addition, this has led to the successful establishment of factory outlet stores providing finished product to the consumer at an affordable cost. While effectively eliminating unnecessary layers of distribution costs which, in the past, have been passed onto the consumer creating unreasonable retail prices.

The media often says there is a low level of consumer confidence in the economy. We believe this is misleading. Weather Bos™ realizes that consumers are tired of paying for products and services designed for short-term performance. However, the problem becomes compounded when companies that are faced with declining revenues, penalize the consumer with higher prices and further cutbacks in product quality and performance, instead of examining the problem at its source; ineffective product performance.

Weather Bos™ is committed to maintaining the development and production of products with the highest degree of integrity, to produce products that are safe for our families to use and are not harmful to the environment; to invest profits in ongoing research programs, enabling Weather Bos™ to constantly fine-tune their products, adjusting their performance capabilities to the ever-changing needs of the consumer.

The extraordinary product development practiced at Weather Bos™ provides an unusual edge in this industry. However, the scientific breakthroughs made by Weather Bos™ have not been limited to product development. New, significant technology, developed exclusively by Weather Bos™ International called "miniaturization," provides a distinct advantage over all other manufacturers in this industry.

This new technology makes possible unlimited production of finished product with a minimal amount of equipment, labor and investment along with low-cost facilities. The establishment of regional manufacturing facilities wherever Weather Bos™ products are sold ensures quality control and affordability to the end user. Our manufacturing facilities can be established in most any location, and be welcomed into communities as an economic asset. In addition, most countries have established tax and duty free zones specifically for companies such as Weather Bos™.

The market demand for Weather Bos™ will be met through the proliferation of licensed franchise manufacturing facilities throughout the global market within specific market areas. These franchise manufacturing facilities can be located in small communities within individual countries, resulting in lower overhead costs and shall directly correspond to the local retail and wholesale markets in the surrounding demographical area.

An example would be the manufacturing facilities strategically located in Canada which supplies factory outlets in the surrounding area, as well as all other retail and wholesale accounts. This will allow each franchise manufacturer to control his sales of product without being dependent on a distributor system that may limit his abilities, growth and income. Under this plan, the franchise manufacturer sells product to the market they choose on a factory-direct basis. At the manufacturers option and upon written authorization from Weather Bos™ International, they may establish additional franchised manufacturing facilities for the purpose of furthering product distribution. Again, this provides factory direct availability to the customer where costs are based only on the quantity purchased and the number of repeat sales. The end result is that the consumer is able to purchase a product, far superior to others on the market, at a drastically reduced cost. Individual countries and markets shall be locally owned and operated, catering to each locality's individual needs.

Target Markets

Due to our extensive line of products, the target markets for Weather Bos™ are virtually unlimited. Sales potential go far beyond retail purchases. We encourage all of our franchise manufacturers to explore the myriad of options for selling finished product. Examples are:

trade shows
builders, contractors, etc.
construction companies
regional paint stores
governmental agencies (parks and recreation, schoolbuildings, etc.)
specialty manufacturers (furniture, cement bricks, wood items, roofingproducts, etc.)
specialty stores (hot tubs, gazebos, patio furniture, etc.)

With our expertise and ongoing research and development, Weather Bos™ products can also be designed specifically for a target market, tailoring finished products for a local niche market or creating a lower-cost version of a specific product. This is especially important to serve the lower income population in Developing Countries and to protect low-cost housing and buildings. We are dedicated to working with the local demands and markets, thereby offering franchise manufacturers an opportunity to sell products for their customers needs. This provides the Weather Bos™ licensed franchise manufacturer with the freedom to choose their target markets for unlimited sales and growth.

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