Creating New Markets

The secret to future growth as a Weather Bos™ manufacturer is directly related to the never ending pursuit of new customers. Accounts fall into numerous categories, including contractors, retail outlets and oem's. In many cases, the effort and time spent selling a few hundred gallons to a new customer will be as much as to a customer who purchases several thousand gallons. Opening new accounts with customers who have multiple outlets within specific regions and those who already have a national presence requires a well defined marketing program such as the following:


Fast Tracked Packaging for easy consumer identification. Weather Bos™ now has the most complete line of consumer friendly uniform packaging within the coatings industry. We have the only product line specifically designed for individual markets, while having total continuity.

Complimentary Point of Sale Literature for quick product identification. Our literature provides consumers with quick, easy to understand product information.

Uniform Product Code Identification. All Weather Bos™ products now have individual UPC codes permanently printed on each container, according to size and formula. This provides easy inventory control for all retailers, while at the same time providing increased shelf space for Weather Bos™ with the opportunity to reach an unlimited amount of new customers.

Domestic and Global presence. As a result of our unequaled 600+ page site on the world wide web which includes 35 URL's and over 6,000 connections, combined with the many years of dedicated efforts of many loyal dealers, manufacturers and customers, Weather Bos™ now enjoys a rapidly growing exposure to both domestic and global markets. This presence provides Weather Bos™ with the opportunity to reach an unlimited amount of new customers.

Weather Bos™ fulfills all of the above requirements and thus qualifies for all national and regional retail markets. However, the decision making process that most retailers use in determining which products to purchase for resale is based primarily on the following three principles.

1. High Profit Margin. The ultimate return on investment is when the profit is equal to the cost. In other words, an item which costs $14.50 should resell for $28.95.

2. Consumer Demand. This simply means that prospective buyers will specifically ask for certain products by category or name. This is the result of easy label identification or name recognition.

3. Terms of Payment. In many cases, this becomes the primary toolused by buyers in deciding which product to stock. From a dealer's position, delayed or dated billing up to 6 months is quite common and often impossible to refuse.

In order to fulfill the above, you must be adequately capitalized and have a well defined business plan. Dated invoices from credit worthy accounts can easily be converted to cash by a variety of methods, including but not limited to factoring. For those manufacturers who choose to participate in the supply of product to high volume customers there are a multiple of choices available to adequate capitalization which will provide an unlimited source of growth.

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