Technical Data and Ingredients List

Weather-Bos™ is a natural finish for both interior and exterior surfaces with an extensive variety of formulations designed as a professional grade finish. Weather Bos™ offers complete above ground protection for most surfaces such as wood, concrete, masonry, metal, vinyl, stucco, fiberglass etc.

All WEATHER-BOS™ products meet or exceed the following requirements:

1. Form: Liquid. A base which is a blend of natural resins, oils, andingredients sufficient to dimensionally stabilize substrates, screenand stabilize surfaces from ultra violet rays degenerative effects.

2. Weight: 8.2 lbs. per US gallon (.98 kg/litre)

3. Flash Point: None ASTM E108

4. Boiling Point: + or -220ºF (104.4ºC)

5. Solid Content: Up to 72.4% per vol. ASTM D2369, ASTM D3792

6. VOC: 80.0-155.6 (g/litre) ASTM D3960

7. Density: 1.01 (g/ml)

8. Odor: Low

9. Color: Clear/Amber unless pigmented

10. Water Resistance: Complies with Water Repellent FederalSpecification TT-W-572-B par. 3.7 for water repellency.

11. No dangerous ingredients such as: Folpet [N-(trichloromethylthio)phthalimide], Bis (tributyltin) oxide, Copper Naphthenate, Copper 8Quinolinolate, or Zinc Naphthenate

Ingredients List

The contents of Weather Bos™ formulas are proprietary. Each contain a combination of the following ingredients:

1. Weather Bos™ plant resins; tree resins
No CAS number

2. Weather Bos™ plant oils; tree oils
No CAS number

3. Weather Bos™ pigments (iron oxides)
trace, less than 1.0%

4. Weather Bos™ (transparent oxides)
trace, less than 1.0%

5. Weather Bos™ trace elements
less than 1.0%

6. Water

7. 2-Amino-Propanol
CAS number: 124-68-5 <.1%

8. Ammonium Hydroxide 1336- 1336-21-6 <.005%

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