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Imagine your laundry on a clothesline left to hang above your deck through a year of rain, wind, snow, air-pollution, etc. Would the clothes remain clean and beautiful because they were washed by the rain? Likewise, would your once beautiful deck beneath the clothesline remain free from the elements that damage and change the appearance of the laundry? The average consumer somehow expects the deck to look beautiful without ongoing maintenance. People wash dishes, vacuum carpets, wash their cars, however, they rarely maintain their decks...!

Your deck was meant for family entertaining, consequently it often receives more abuse than the entire home. Common sense dictates that you must spend time, effort and yes... money!... if you want to maintain the original appearance. Imagine a new $20.000. automobile in your driveway that you have never washed, vacuumed or cleaned the windshield. Would that car always look new as a result of being washed by rain?

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