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Environmental Answers for Business

Weather Bos™ is addressing the issue of global marketing. We do not focus on the price that our products are sold at. We concern ourselves with keeping up with the latest techology, assuring that are products are of a supreme quality, maximizing the accessibility of our products to consumers, addressing important environmental issues, staying atop of the issues that directly relate to the coatings industry, and providing our franchisees with all of the information that they need to be successful.

The largest part of helping our franchisees to be successful is EDUCATION. We provide up-to-date information to all of our franchisees on a regular basis. If you want to be successful, all you need to do is follow the guidelines we set and utilize the information that is given to you.

Level One: Accepting the need for change

It is important to have the ability to accept business concepts that are necessary to survive on the global and local level. This means you must be open to concepts that may be different than the cultural norms of your community. To compete on a local level, you must compete on a global level. You simply cannot expect to succeed if you do not.

Issue One: Local Market

The competition of your local market should not be of any concern to you. You have a product that carries itself on QUALITY, PERFORMANCE, TECHNOLOGY, and AVAILABILITY. There will always be local paint stores carrying a multitude of products at a low cost. These products are creating the illusion that price and name recognition determines value. By creating this illusion, many people become self-appointed experts and authorities, whether selling, purchasing, or applying any paint or stain. This creates a condition where the only important questions become: "How much does it cost? How long will it last? How little effort is required for application?" Weather Bos™ believes there are more important issues such as:

A. Does the product contain ingredients which are harmful to the use, requiring registration with a government agency?

B. How dangerous is the use of this product to the air quality of an enclosed area? (Interior work during construction or enclosed factory application.)

C. What is the VOC level? (Your country may or may not have exisitng laws requiring VOC level standards; most countries who do not have them will have them in the future.)

D. How does the aesthetic quality relate to the level of protection and performance? (Example: Will a dirty pair of Nike Air running shoes outperform a pair purchased at a discount store?)

E. What is the percentage of solids vs. volatiles? (Many products contain up to 99% volatiles!)

F. Does the product counteract the natural methods of deterioration on interior and exterior surfaces? (This would include UV protection, prevention of water staining, etc.)

G. When using product ABC, is protective wear advised during application to protect the applicator? (Why is this necessary?)

H. Is there ongoing research and development for the product and are they using the latest technology?

I. Is the company behind the product concerned with environmental issues related to the coatings industry?

Most consumers are looking for products to remedy a problem and all consumers want the products they buy to be safe and high quality. When purchasing products to provide protection for an investment such as a home, consumers desire that the product live up to the claims that are made when the sale is taking place. Just as it is important for you to be educated about Weather Bos™ products, it is important for you to educate consumers about the products.

Issue Two: Environmental Concerns

Weather Bos™ is the world's leader in environmental paint products. THERE ARE NO OTHER products like it on the market.
Weather Bos™ has committed itself to be environmentally safe in the full TRUTHFUL sense of the word. As in any industry, product development is largely driven by the needs of the market. In many countries the environmental revolution is just beginning. In the U.S. we have been fighting for decades to provide for environmentally safe prodcuts. The opportunity to be on the cutting edge of technology and environmental production is in your hands.

Weather Bos™ is years ahead of other products on the market. Those companies who have the foresight to be the first to use and implement environmentally safe products BEFORE they are regulated to do so will forever be in the financial lead position.

Regardless of where you live on earth, the environment you live in must be protected. If your government has not already implemented regulations, it will do so in the future. Merely banning lead and chromates is not enough and the issue of VOC's (volatile organic compounds) is just a spearhead to other dangers.


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