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I want to fireproof my wood roof. Do you have a product for this?

Any fire retardant to be approved by the International Council of Building Officials (ICBO) or any local building code must be applied at point of origin (before the wood shingles or shakes are shipped, distributed or applied to the roof), and not afterwards. Therefore, any products applied as a retrofit application which claim to improve fire resistance are not accepted by any building code. Fire retardant products must be applied at point of origination; the factory where the roofing material is produced and packaged. The only approved method to provide full resistance on an old roof without approved fire retardant material, according to the ICBO and all other building officials, is by replacing the entire roof with certified fire retardant, pressure-impregnated roofing materials.

Due to the multiple of ingredients contained in Roof Boss™, it is true that by applying Roof Boss™ to a weathered wood roof, it creates a condition similar to when the roof was first new. New wood roofs won't support flame whereas old and dried out roofs do. So you are on the right track by using Roof Boss™ to rejuvenate your old wood once you have properly prepared. Roof Boss™ replaces the natural ingredients in the wood which have been lost with additional ingredients for protection against the elements, including U.V. damage. Unlike many petroleum-based coatings, Roof Boss™ is both nonflammable, natural resin and oil based, and water reducible.

My roof was treated last year, and now there is moss growing on the shady side of the house. What can I do?

Moss, Mildew and foreign growth can only be prevented by two methods:

1-Dangerous poisons applied regularly--not an option for Weather Bos™.

2-Change the environment to prevent the growth of moss, mildew etc. Surface mildew is a aesthetic problem and is not harmful but rather a natural occurring condition, and can easily be washed off. Moss grows where water is able to penetrate the surface, combined with an accumulation of dirt and pollution. At the present time whatever product you used is allowing the roof to remain damp on the shaded side, which becomes a food source for the growth of moss and mildew. The solution is to follow the instructions for proper preparation and application of Roof Boss™. First powerwash the roof with a minimum 3,000 psi powerwasher, and then generously apply three coats of Roof Boss™ to completely saturate the roof. The result is that no moss or mildew will grow beneath or on the surface provided you follow our simple maintenance program. Powerwash the roof every few years and reapply Roof Boss™ as necessary.

We have tile roofs on each of our cabanas here in the Caribbean which were installed approximately 5 years ago. We have been told that there is little we can do to prevent the deterioration of these roofs. Is this true?

With proper preparation and a minimum of 3 applications of Roof Boss™ you will be able to extend the life of these roofs indefinitely. It is important that the surface be clean and dry prior to applying Roof Boss™ and be sure to apply product in the heat of the day in direct sunlight.

Ten years ago I used a product called Weather Master™ on my roof in the United States. I recently read about a new product in Europe called Weather Bos™. I'm hoping this is the same product...

Yes, Weather Bos™ formulas, which use the most advanced American technology, is now available in Europe. The product called Weather Master™ was simply one of our product lines designed for the local American market. Weather Bos™ occasionally produces products for local markets with a local identity.

I recently built a garage, and we used composition fiberglass shingles. What is the best way to keep them pliable and protect them from sun and rain damage?

Roof Boss™ is designed for all of your roofing needs, from composition to wood or tile roofs. We've designed Roof Boss™ to be easily applied to a variety of surfaces, and protect your roof from all climatic conditions. It is highly beneficial for you to protect not only your exposed wood, but also your composition shingles as they deteriorate and become brittle from repeated exposure to rain, snow, and the sun. The ingredients in Roof Boss™ prevent water penetration, as well as all other forms of deterioration, such as UV damage. Therefore, it is very important to apply Roof Boss™ as soon as possible. Be sure and follow all preparation procedures including powerwashing, and then apply a minimum of three applications to your roof in direct sunlight when the roof is completely dry.

We have just purchased a large restaurant and motel complex. The roofs are now all covered with some form of wood shingles which were installed when the buildings were first built about 15 years ago. We have been told there is nothing we can do to extend the life of these roofs and our only option is to replace the entire roof. Since the roof area is approximately 100,000 sq. ft. (9,300 sq. meters), we were not prepared for the unexpected expense. Can you help?

A wood roof is the most forgiving type of roofing material and is able to easily be repaired and restored to a condition nearly as good as new. In fact, Weather Bos™ has proven that an existing roof properly restored and protected will often out last a new roof, and at the fraction of the cost! Many roofing and contracting companies are not interested in helping you, simply because they can make more money by replacing your roof rather than taking the time to carefully repair the necessary areas and then apply Roof Bos™. The founders of Weather Bos™ were originally manufacturers of wood roofing products, and (as a result of people like yourself) were the pioneers in developing a product specifically to extend the life of wood shingles and shakes indefinitely. After many years of research and development, along with hands on experience, Roof Boss™ was developed to counteract all the methods by which your shingle roof deteriorates. In short, Roof Boss™ duplicates the natural defense mechanism that the live, healthy tree once had prior to being used as a roofing material. Weather Bos™ has created a detailed procedure from beginning to end on how to properly restore and protect any wood shingle roof.

Will your product protect our new cedar shake roof from fire?

Yes, the application of Roof Boss™ will help protect your roof from fire by restoring it to a condition similar to when it was new. Remember, a new wood roof from fresh newly cut wood has similar qualities as the green wood which is very difficult to burn in your wood stove. This condition is more properly defined as ?will not support flame.? However, once the wood has been dried and cured for several years it will burn very quickly. Likewise, an older wood roof which has been exposed to all the elements of deterioration such as sunlight (UV damage), water penetration, leaching out of natural ingredients, pollution, etc. will lose its natural defense system. This God-given natural defense system is similar to the immune system humans enjoy, but likewise due to abuse and an unhealthy life style will be greatly reduced or destroyed. However, Roof Boss™ is not sold or advertised as a fire retardant since according to the ICBO (International Council of Building Officials) and all building departments the only officially recognized method for retardancy must be applied at point of origination i.e.: where the cedar shakes and shingles are manufactured and packaged for shipment. Any product that may be promoted or sold as an after market application to obtain this benefit are simply not legitimate, approved or recognized by any governmental agency or building department officials.

I have a roof that is nine years old...this roof does not appear to have been maintained since new. I plan on cleaning the roof with a stiff broom to remove dirt, moss, etc. and then treating the roof with a product like yours. Is this the proper procedure to start with?

Absolutely not! There is only one effective method to properly clean your roof, especially after the many years it has been left exposed and unprotected, and that is accomplished with a minimum 3,000 psi powerwasher with a 25 degree tip. Experience has proven that any powerwasher having less capacity will actually do more harm to the roof than 3,000-4,000 psi machines. As to the method of cleaning that you suggest, you are risking doing unnecessary damage to the roof because of the rigorous activity to areas which may need repair.

The advantage to powerwashing is that you start from the top of the roof, going back and forth in front of where you stand as you work your way downward. This means that you are always standing on the cleaned areas and the powerwasher will reveal in front of you areas which were previously covered with dirt, pollution, moss, and other debris. You will be amazed at how much dirt and debris will come off your roof. Continue powerwashing back and forth in 3 to 4 feet (1-1.2 meter) overlapping swaths until you have cleaned an entire section from the top of the ridge to the gutter edge. Then work your way back up from the bottom in the same back and forth motion, washing the same area, including the butt ends of the roofing material. Continue this procedure of down and up until a complete section of the roof has been powerwashed. Then turn yourself sideways and go across the roof washing the sides of the roofing material in the same method of overlapping swaths. During this cleaning procedure be especially careful to look for areas where repair or replacement of roofing material may be necessary. If necessary stop the cleaning procedure and make the repairs before continuing to wash in this roof area. When you have powerwashed the entire roof, wash out all valleys, rain gutters and downspouts. Wash off shrubs, decks, sidewalks, windows, eaves and sides of the building, etc. with the powerwasher.

Prior to applying Roof Boss™ be sure to carefully inspect the entire roof and make any necessary repairs and then rinse it off. Carefully choose the correct Roof Boss™ formula and follow instructions for application. By this procedure you will insure the maximum amount of penetration by Roof Boss™ plus providing long-term performance and protection for your roof. It is important after completing the above process to powerwash your roof every few years and apply another coat of Roof Boss™ when needed, much the same as you would wash and wax your car. With this method of maintenance your roof will last indefinitely. By the way, it is far less expensive to maintain your roof as we suggest than to replace it.

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