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Formulas 1,5,7: Take precaution to protect vegetation and adjacent areas by removing or covering any items such as furniture, automobiles, swimming pool and personal equipment from the work area. Also, pay close attention to adjoining property and provide adequate protection. For interior jobs, provide fresh air movement through the work area. Carefully inspect surface to detect all defects and deterioration, such as delamination, cracking etc. Power wash entire surface with minimum 2500 PSI (15 M Pa) pressure washer using only clean water with no added chemicals (being careful not to mar the surface by getting too close). Remember that water and pressure are fundamental enemies of wood and that improper power washing can do more harm than good. For best results, hire a professional experienced with powerwashing. Counter sink nails and/or repair damaged area. After power washing, where necessary, sand smooth wood surfaces with proper size of sander and sandpaper without leaving sanding mark. Power wash entire surface again, making sure all areas are properly cleaned and repaired. Prior to application, clean entire work area using air blowers.

Formula-9: Before applying to any masonry surface power wash, sweep, dust or wire-brush to remove dirt and debris. If efflorescence (white residue) is present, wash surface with required amount of muriatic acid, then rinse with water and allow to dry thoroughly before application.


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