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Weather-Bos® has developed a special “micro- technology” which allows for the production of a high volume of finished product while maintaining low overhead & production costs. All of this while always producing a superior, environmentally-safe product, compared to the existing highly-toxic counterparts.

Special, unique proprietary recipes allow Weather-Bos® to develop product “as needed” in order to compete within any local individual markets against any rival product without sacrificing maximum safety and performance expectations.
We continue the development of licensed manufacturer/distributors in strategic locations throughout the Global market, from South Africa to Austria to the Philippines.
Currently, Weather-Bos® receives between 8000 and 10,000 inquiries per day from many different groups of people such as consumers, dealers, and distributors representing all levels of the wholesale or retail market. Their requests cover all aspects of the construction or paint industry from questions on purchasing environmentally-safe,
non-toxic paints & finishes to opportunities in sales, distribution, application, and licensed manufacturing.

The Weather-Bos® website not only provides a forum for people to learn about our products, but also the opportunity to purchase products or obtain specific information anytime they choose, simply by filling out the 24-hour online request form.
The U.S. Department of Commerce has helped developed the international presence of Weather-Bos® throughout the Global Market by sponsoring Weather-Bos® in the prestigious Hannover Messe Faire in Hannover, Germany, as well as many other major international expositions and trade shows.

In addition, Weather-Bos® products have been extensively displayed, marketed and promoted at thousands of specialty shows or fairs throughout the domestic market for many years; these would include State, County, and Regional Fairs and/or Expositions. Weather-Bos® has participated in countless specialty trade shows such as the annual NAHB Show (National Association of Home Builders), Log Home Builders, CSI (Construction Specification Institute), the National Roofing Association, Cedar Shake Bureau, etc.

Unmatched customer loyalty and positive word of mouth support - the best kind of advertising. This loyalty is extended to an enormous database of happy customers, representing a community throughout all 50 states, as well as the ever growing Global Market
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