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General Benefits of Pre-Staining
  • Provides immediate protection with value added marketability and curb appeal once siding, roofing or decking is installed combined - with low maintenance.
  • Allows the use of an unlimited variety of wood materials for siding, roofing, fencing & decking, etc. and maintains long-term beauty along with dimensional stabilization.
  • Eliminates weather delays, painter call backs, over spray, color uniformity and messy clean-ups associated with on-site application.
  • Protects surfaces from job site pre-weathering with controlled application and drying of stain, insuring adequate penetration of each coat.
  • Reduces labor cost of normal preparation and application procedures and prevents damage caused by handling (dirt stains and equipments marks).

Benefits of Weather-Bos™ Pre-Staining

  • When wood is pre-stained with Weather-Bos™ prior to exposure to sun, wind, rain, etc. the loss due to unusable wood is often reduced to less than 2%.
  • Labor costs are reduced because all portions of logs and/or each piece of wood can be quickly pre-dipped or sprayed without having to separate the damaged and unusable pieces.
  • Overall construction costs are reduced due to the speed in which the sections of wood can be installed without slowing down the construction process.
  • All sides of each log or piece of wood is protected when they are pre-dipped or pre-stained which will provide long-term dimensional stabilization and reduced maintenance cost.
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