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Weather-Bos™ is Unique.

Weather-Bos™ contains only environmentally safe ingredients. Many years of research and extensive weather testing have proven Weather-Bos™ to be long-lasting with superior perfomance.

Natural Oil and Resin Based, Yet Water Reducible
water carries the nutritional solids into the wood much deeper than highly evaporative flammable carriers. The solids then bond to the wood in the drying process, and as the water evaporates it does not emit high levels of toxic fumes in comparison to coatings containing flammable or harsh solvents. The formulas are low odor and non-flammable, and do not leave an oily or waxed surface film which attracts dirt that can be tracked onto other surfaces.
High Solids
The natural oils and resins will penetrate deep or bond to the surface depending on the desired finish and application procedure. Once these solids have dried and bonded to the wood cells they become a permanent part of the substrate. Weather-Bos™ does not contain primarily evaporative ingredients nor non-penetrating mineral oils, non-drying mildew-prone oils or wax.
Durability via Monolithic Bond
Weather-Bos™ natural oils and resins penetrate and fill the open wood cells. Upon drying, the resins adhere to the wood and form an inseparable bond that will not wash out or evaporate. Weather-Bos™ provides stability deep within the wood, creating long term dimensional stabilization as opposed to minimal surface protection.
Water Resistant
Wood cells are saturated with Weather-Bos™ formulas which dry, solidify and bond to the substrate. The "deep" rooted fungi that promote wood decay are denied water in the structural pores necessary for growth.
Weather-Bos™ has eliminated the need for poisonous additives to control wood rot by virtue of water denial instead. Superficial fungi like moss and mildew often grow on damp dirty surfaces and are easily prevented by occasional cleaning and maintenance.
UV Protection
Weather-Bos™ contains; sunscreens, trans-oxides and/or U.V. stabilizers which help reduce damage due to climatic conditions.

Average coverage is 50-200 sq. ft. per gal. per application depending upon type of surface and climatic conditions. On most surfaces to obtain maximum protection a minimum of three applications is recommended.
Note: Coverage is dependent on proper preparation and application.
Easy to apply
Formulas may be inter-mixed to acquire desired color or penetration (except Masonry and Marine Boss™). Apply by any agreeable method i.e.; pre-dipping, roller, spray or brush. Soap and water clean-up.
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