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Franchise Manufacturing Building Requirements

1. Building will need to be approximately 46 square meters (5,000 square feet)

2. The building must be secured with no window access to the raw material storage or production area and all other areas are to be securely locked at all times.

3. There must be a separate area of at least 37-45 square meters (400-500 square feet) for mixing machines and to provide a location for filling empty buckets with finished product.

4. There should be a storage area of 9-10 square meters (100 square feet) for storage of colorants and other

5. There must be a washroom with large sinks for the cleaning of tools and mixing equipment as well as shelves and cupboards for storage of clean towels, rags, work clothes, and other necessary items. In addition, if possible a shower is desirable.

6. There must be a separate office with meeting area with ample space for desks, phones, computer equipment, and seating for company personnel. This office must have a secured area for proprietary documents and must be separated from the balance of the facility by a locked door. Note: Sales and administration office is never to be connected to or part of the manufacturing facility. The manufacturing facility is not to become a place for public meeting but rather used only by authorized company personnel.

7. There must be a restroom adequate for the number of employees that you have and conforming to local laws. (This area may be used for additional storage unit if allowed by local codes or regulations.)

8. There must be a designated area with a worktable and plenty of shelving for packaging supplies such as labels, plastic wrapping, tools and repair equipment.

9. There must be a separate storage area of at least 55-60 meters (600-700 square feet) for raw materials. (Make sure this area is kept secure at all times)

10. It is desirable to have large rolling dock doors and a standard loading dock for incoming and outgoing freight. If possible, locate your shipping desk near the door but in no way hindering it. If rolling doors are not possible, locate your shipping desk as near to where you will actually be shipping and receiving freight.

11. There must be a separate storage area for finished products. This should be located as close to the shipping area as possible with enough room to work with a pallet jack or fork lift.

12. Only specific employees having signed a confidentiality, non disclosure and non-use agreement are permitted within the manufacturing facility.

13. General sales and delivery personnel are never allowed in any area except the separate office which is to have a secured entrance to the balance of the manufacturing facility.

14. The purpose for the manufacturing facility is to produce product in an environment of safety, convenience, and security. It is not meant as a showcase for any advertising or marketing efforts. A completely separate office at another location shall be used as the primary business address for general purposes such as sales meetings, etc. and for meetings with the public.

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