Equipment List for Operating a Manufacturing Facility

Mandatory Accessories Needed:

Two (2) 454.2 litres (120 gallons) capacity mixing machine. Stainless steel construction.
Two bulk storage tanks (757 litres)
Pigment dispenser
Pigment for dispenser (Huls 896 or equivalent)
Pallet Jack: Standard
Stain metered pumping station
Drum Dolly: Minimum of (1) one at 378.2 kg specification
Drum Cradles: (4) Four minimum
Ladders: Various sizes from step to interior
Airless Sprayer for application
Pressure Washer: Minimum 3,000 psi
Paint Shaker machine
Air Compressor
Portable Generator

Optional But Suggested:

Forklift: 1132 kg minimum

Additional Equipment for Upgrading Facility Production

Additional mixing machines

454.2 litre/120 gallon capacity
4540.2 litre/1200 gallon capacity

Additional bulk storage tanks

757 litre/200 gallon capacity

More on Licensed Manufacturing Franchises:

Building Requirements

Raw Materials Shipment Quantities

Franchise Features


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